Nicolaas Weylandt

Amsterdam longcase clock with chime. 10 bells, 17 hammers. Choice of four different melodies.

It is rare that the quarters also show a music stanza. Everything is listed on one and the same reel. Case veneered with the most beautiful mirrored burl walnut. Cutting piece door and hood congruent. I have never seen a higher woodcarving quality than on this Amsterdammer in 40 years. Full half hour striking mechanism on two bells, striking/non striking function. Choice of four melodies. Dial has date display, phase of the moon and original Ossa sepia dial decoration. This decoration technique is very expensive and characteristic for this short period of time.


Netherlands – Amsterdam


Lodewijk XVI


N(icolaas) Weylandt


circa 1740


258.5x40x25 cm

Totale hoogte

280,5 cm


On request


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