Willem van Dadelbeek

Amsterdam longcase clock with Dutch striking, alarm clock, date, phase of the moon with lunar window.

This clock case is glued with the highest quality walnut veneer. The lines of this clock case have so much allure that extra decorations and/or cutting pieces become infills, instead of additions. Willem had an eye for that. The same quality applies to the engraving of the dial. Salient detail; the engraving of the moon (now unrestored) so minute, so powerful. It looks like relief. That’s really well done.

In short, I can’t wait to be able to restore this champ optically and functionally (if I can find the time).


Netherlands – Utrecht


Lodewijk XIV


Willem van Dadelbeek


1730 – 1735


255x44x19 cm

Totale hoogte

283 cm


On request


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