John May

Amsterdam longcase clock with Netherlands half-hourly striking mechanism.

John May, born in the Netherlands, is the son of the famous Amsterdam clockmaker, Benjamin May. In this beautiful copy you can see that John is a trendsetter of what will later be called: English import. This Amsterdammer longcase by John May still has the beautiful early high quality clock case. Thanks to his Dutch father. Also has the beautifully constructed Dutch dial and number ring, also thanks to its Dutch father. And very special; The chapter ring is signed London. So, John made the still high quality Dutch timepieces in London, made for the Dutch export market. Later, the Dutch timepieces made in England became the norm for Amsterdam longcases for decades. Unfortunately, this overwhelming success had only one downside, namely decline. Fortunately, John May thought very differently about that. “Only the highest quality is good enough for export.”


Netherlands – Amsterdam


Lodewijk XIV


John May, London


1715 – 1720


248.5x45x24 cm

Totale hoogte

264.5 cm


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