Johannes van Brussel

Special; Full half-hourly striking mechanism on two bells with closing disc.

Rosewood veneered oak case. Solid rosewood reclining oval pendulum window. Very heavy, beautifully executed door closure. Hood rare original authentic; not restored. Solid rosewood twisted pillars. A textbook example; narrow from below. At one third from the bottom, widest then tapered at the top. Oh yes, that too concentric. Chapeau, hats off. No one can do that right now. The same applies to the watch; highest precision, Full number of strokes on half (soft bell) and full number of strokes on (heavy bell) and that with locking disc. Nice piece of work. You can say that Jan van Brussel is one of the founders or the founder of the somewhat later (in good Dutch!) has been called: Dutch Striking.


Netherlands – Amsterdam


J. v. Brußel


Lodewijk XIV


circa 1710


211x40x20 cm

Totale hoogte

211 cm


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